Subject of research

Websites of IT companies located in Ukraine or/and use the services of Ukrainian developers and teams

The data set includes websites of 221 companies. CMS of the site, frameworks, vacancy pages and language versions were taken into account.

Sources of information

Information portals, publications in the media and social networks

Data analysis

CMS, vacancies, language versions

The data set includes the URLs of company pages. Among them well-known market member as well as those who have been developing for previous 12 months.

CMS / Custom Web Development / Technologies

About half of the companies’ websites use WordPress as a CMS (Control Management System). It is safe to say that the vast majority of WordPress sites do not contain complex elements and consist of standard Themes, Builders, Plugins and more.

Over 20% of websites do not contain obvious signs of known platforms and belong to the so-called “self-written engines”.


More than 80% of Ukrainian IT companies actively publish vacancies on their websites.

Language versions

The English language version have about 90% companies. Only the English version of the site is available for over 60%.

The Ukrainian language version have about 20% companies. Only the Ukrainian version of the site – 1%.


Companies that have recently entered the market usually prefer CMS WordPress. Even some grocery companies use WordPress as the core technology for their website. Job vacancies are mostly published on their own websites. This can be explained by the fact that companies usually seek to have a certain personnel reserve.

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